C4P 20: Tis the Sneezon

Bible Passage: Galatians 6:9

Tips for restoring your body back to health and for strengthening your immune system.

· Learn about the peroxidizer.

· Consider therapeutic grade essential oils. We like http://hopewelloils.com/

· How much Vitamin C?

· Less food, more broth, more water.

· Rest.

· Look into the medicinal properties in raw honey.

No symptoms? Would you like to keep it that way?

· The BIG 3: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Omega 3s

· Fruits and Veggies

· Hydrate

· Rest

· Move

· Breathe

Tip for the Week – Disobedience, Defiance, or Disability?

Is your child having difficulty “listening” to you? We may be able to help you with the reason why.

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