C4P 24 - Transitions

Podcast 24 “Transitions”

Do you ever get weary?
Bible Passage: Galatians 6:9, Matthew 11:28

Who is God as we raise our children?

  • The One who calls us
  • The One who equips us.
  • The One who cares.
  • The One who invites us to lean on Him.


  • God is the Answer.
  • He is sufficient.
  • Our Savior is the Resource.
  • He deeply cares.



What we have learned through the raising of our four children is that communication is key for just about everything in life. So, the question is: how practically can we hep up the communication to alleviate the stress on both the child and us, as parents, with regard to transitions?

Three Points of Contact:


  1. Preparation
  2. Heat of the Moment
  3. Moving Forward


Preparation – what can we put into place ahead of time to help our children with their transitions?

In the Heat of the Moment – what can we do during the resistance and/or meltdowns?

Moving Forward – what can we do to help our children learn how best to move forward

Practical Helps:


  • Visual charts
  • Auditory input
  • Role playing
  • Toys as props
  • Teaching
  • Books from the Library
  • Social stories
  • Relieving sensory stress


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It is NEVER too late. There is always HOPE.

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