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C4P 12: Parent Recharge

Special Treat: A visit from our daughter, Katie, mom of a 5 month old little girl. Today, we are talking about getting you reFUELED as a parent. Raising babies and children takes a lot out of you. Actually, if you are not careful (and even if you are), it can zap every single bit of your life. We have learned (sometimes the hard way) how important it is to RECHARGE.

Bible Passages: Psalm 23, John 14:27, Matthew 11:28,29


Primary Food (trademark of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Joshua Rosenthal



Inspiring Calling (as a wife/husband, parent, homemaker, career)

Physical Activity

How are YOU getting refreshed, refueled, recharged – nourished - all around?

Find all this and more on this week’s Podcast.

Tip for the Week – KODAK MOMENTS

The tip for this week is all about enjoying the craziest moments of childhood. You have most likely already experienced those moments where your child has done something that makes you want to laugh out loud and sob hysterically at the same time – that is after you catch your breath.

What is your reaction to the upsets and insanity that can sometimes happen?

Our suggestions:

· Expect them.

· Think now what you want your reaction to be.

· Develop a plan and memorize it.

The plan may be:

Take child out of danger, if any.

Grab the camera and snap away.

Strategize the best plan for “cleaning up”

Child first

Damaged goods second.

Teach child.


Remember to laugh about it.

Share with a family member or friend. They will help you put it into perspective.

Believe it or not – days, months, or years from now this will be hilarious.

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C4P 11: Distracted Child

Some of our children get stuck in certain patterns of behavior that are not serving them well. Our Amy certainly had her share of them. On today’s podcast we will explore what kinds of things you can do to re-engage your zoned-out or distracted child.

Show Notes for Podcast 11 “Distracted Child”:

Bible Passages: Luke 6:45, Romans 12:2, Philippians 4:8,9

Helpful Tips to Re-engage Your Distracted Child

Redirect stimming (repetitive and fixed behaviors)

Extend an invitation to purposed activity

Create an environment in your home for purposed play

Structured play – Your child may need you to be a role model to show them how to play appropriately.

Call in the helpers

Take a look at diet

Find all this and more on this week’s Podcast.

Amy’s video: “What Do I Do about the Quirky Behaviors in My Child”

Tip for the Week – “Honor – Building Relationships among Family Members”

Wonderful strategies from Scott and Joanne at

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C4P 10: The Best Toys

It can be perplexing for birthdays and holidays to find good gifts for our children. We are eager to find things that will enhance our children's development, aren't we? There are a lot of "toys" advertised on television and social media. How does a parent or grandparent pick what to purchase for a child? On today's podcast we are sharing our suggestions with some recommendations and ideas from friends and family of toys that are best for children.

Bible Passages: Proverbs 22:1–11 and John 3:16

-Making Good Choices and How Best to Use Them
-Consider the effect of the latest toy trends for and on children.
-Are they a good choice or is there something better?
-What are the optimal toys for child development?
-What are the benefits of the optimal toys?
-Find all this and more on this week's Podcast.

Tip of the day (which is really tip of the week!):
The Body Contact Problem

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C4P 9: Unsolicited Advice

Most of us have extended family and friends who truly care about our welfare and the welfare of our children. Sometimes their behavior makes it seem that they really don’t have our best interest at heart when they strongly give their opinions about how we should raise our children

Let’s say that your mother, mother-in-law, father, father-in-law, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, and maybe even close friends have strong opinions about what they think you should do next with your child or how you should handle certain struggles.

Let’s say that you don’t necessarily agree with their opinions or maybe not every aspect of the advice they are so freely giving you. What do you do?

Bible Passages:

Prov. 11:14


Prov. 24:6

Ask God to direct you to folks who can give good information

Love those who give you unasked-for advice

1) Listen to what they have to say. Really listen. Try to keep your frustrations at bay and set them aside for a minute and focus only on what this person wants to tell you.

2) Acknowledge their concern.

3) Tell them you appreciate their love/concern/care for your child and your family and that you will take into consideration what they have to say.

Fortify your Confidence Level

1) Take in all the information and advice that you have gotten and consider each piece.

2) If you are married, sit down with your spouse and chat about it from all angles.

3) Pray for wisdom.

4) Ask trusted prayer warriors to pray for you as you decide what to do today and ongoing as your raise your child.

5) Trust your gut (which I believe is the Holy Spirit guiding you) and always consider what your spouse or your child’s mom or dad is wanting.

6) Make your decision or decisions and go with it.

7) Always be willing to re-evaluate but go forth in confidence with your plans after considering all of the above.

Tip for the Day: Create Electronic Free Times for the Whole Family

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